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Current Portfolio

We support creative, passionate innovators and entrepreneurs, creating value and improving human health, sustainability, and business operations.


Sleep Disorder Treatment


Hybrid propulsion technology for trucking


Cognitive analytics for cybersecurity and IoT


Sleep monitoring device & app


New thermodynamics for combustion engines


Sleep Scoring Made easy

Allergy Amulet

Portable food allergen detection device


Centers for Aesthetic Surgery

Sternhill Associates Advisors to, and Investors in, Innovators. Investment Portfolio

Statum Systems

Secure Messaging Services for Critical Applications


Operational Intelligence for Blockchain Networks

Zone Flow Reactor Technologies

Equipment & process technology for production of low-carbon Hydrogen

Adept Materials

“Smart” Multifunctional Membranes


AI tools for animation

Previous Experience

Search engine, IPO

Communications equipment, acquired by Alcatel

Narrated books for PCs, IPO

Anaerobic digestion, acquired by In-Pipe Technologies

WiFi services, IPO

Lighting & IoT, acquired by Acuity Brands

Wireless LAN, acquired by Siemens

PC app, acquired by TicketMaster

Blade PCs, private company

Internet Service Provider, IPO

PC apps, acquired by HomeStore

VPN, acquired by Enterasys

Applications software, IPO

SaaS, acquired by Cisco

ecommerce, IPO

Network secruity, acquired by NetIQ

Blade servers, acquired by HP

Broadband networking services, acquired by Comcast

Video streaming, acquired by Arris Group

Wind measurement, acquired by Vaisala

SaaS, acquired by Quest Software

Storage networks, acquired by HP

RISC processor, IPO

Waste to energy plants, private company

Acquired by Blackrock

Digital telephony, IPO

WiFi networking services, acquired by AT&T

Water waste treatment

Ramp provided Internet security and broadband access
Acquired by Nokia